Success Awaits You Financially

Our value creation framework is anchored in the investment tenets established in our DNA.

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Your Private Equity Investment Vehicle

We are financially focused on building private companies with empowered employees, not financial engineering.

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Build Growing SME's

We spend our time and resources managing, marketing and building promising investments focusing sharply on the following:

  • Solid return on equity
  • Positioning in a long-term growth industry
  • Entrepreneurial, competitive and hard-working employees
  • Aimed to be a global competitor and leader
  • Possessing competitive advantages (e.g. brands, relationship networks, licences, etc.)
  • Quality, tangible assets
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Whether you’re new to investing or seeking direction to put your financial situation on the right path, we have the tools, insight, and other resources to help you make smart investment decisions.




We employ the necessary knowledge, dedication, organizational skills and ingenuity to effectively manage companies,  and hire employees that make proper decisions.


Sales & Marketing


Our Sales and Marketing Machine methods are constantly evolving and are structured towards the customer acquisition process. We closely watch the markets of our product and service companies we have under our portfolio.

Over the last 12 months, even in this slow economy, I have had seen interest on my investment and i’m grateful.

April Jenson


I would recommend taking a look into their shipping company SCV under their portfolio as it looks like a very promising long term asset.

Aaron Spelling

Financial Analyst

I  place most of my investments into tangible assets and companies since the stock market crashed in 2008. I strongly believe in investing into growth industries and organizations for the long term.

John Lee


With strong sales of products or services you will see strong revenues. I am currently concentrating my investments into the daily dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Bob Hoskins

Sales Manager

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